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I tried to give some thought of “Lost” by 回路-kairo-.

Tsukihime cover with the heroine Arcueid (left) and cover of Kairo album 夜明けのセカイと思考回路 (right)

Certainly whoever read this already know who kairo is, but just in case if you never heard of them, (and probably are tsukihime fans who played the remake), Kairo was a doujin music circle (a band is ok as well) activated mainly from 2010 to 2014 that 毛 (or 毛蟹 which you may seen his name on some FGO songs or anime OPs) was a member.

“Lost” was a song composed by 毛 for Kairo album 夜明けのセカイと思考回路 in 2011, and at the time Tsukihime remake theme songs published (2021), the original song has been told (confirmed?) to be inspired by Tsukihime. This remake ver is Arcueid Route ED and its lyric now is English, while the original one is Japanese, so i would expect some different between them. BTW, in kairo album i mentioned, there is another song named “moon” composed by 毛, some people including me think it may be inspired by tsukihime too, I will talk about it a bit later in this article.

Before going to the next part, I will make a assumption: the original song is inspired by Arcueid Route of OG tsukihime, the point of view is the girl (Arcueid) but it could change. i will tried to interpret them via this assumption. The resource I use in this article are:
A translation of Lost by Wanieru. some place seem off but I think overall the translation is fine. Of course while interpreting, i don’t necessary to agree to every of “You” and “I” in this translation.
– The official english lyric (tsukihime remake)
Tsukihime Arcueid Route walkthrough playlist and a interpretation video by Tsukihime fan. I’m not knowledgeable about tsukihime so those videos would help a lot here, But since the walkthrough played the VN in English, and the interpretation video interpreted the Remake ver (English lyric), I may miss some reference in the song that may could be realized if I read the VN in Japanese. So if you are a tsukihime fan who read it in japanese, hope you would help me if i missed something.

I. Interpretation

How stanzas was originally separated in the booklet. Stanzas ís separated from each orther by 3 line spacing, and a stanza part is separated by 2 line spacing.
  1. 1a 1b and 2 stanza:
Lyric (JP)Wanieru’s TranslationOfficial English lyric (tsukihime remake)
髪を切れば変われる気がしてI thought that I would change if I cut my hairCut my hair just because I thought that maybe things would change
短くしたら君に笑われたBut when I shortened it you laughed at meLaughing at me and the things you see, tell me, who’s to blame?
足元に落ちた白い糸はThe white strings that fell at my feetFalls to the ground, floating just like gold dust, it’s sparkling
出会った頃の私の様でWere just like me when we metTaking me back to the start, my spirits are darkening
嫌なんだI hated itIt makes me feel so weak
そんな気がしたI felt this wayLooking for a reason why
なんでだろう?Why?I can’t comprehend
ただただ不思議でIt was just so mysteriousI feel the lightness in my head
軽い頭で考える Thinking about it so lightlyNow my thoughts are clouded by strange things I see

Between 2 versions, almost every lines has the same meaning, or just worded a little differently, except “足元に落ちた白い糸は // Falls to the ground, floating just like gold dust, it’s sparkling”. Consider the former lines, things that falling may be hairs, and in EN lyric, its color seem to be gold = Arcueid’s hair. But in JP lyric, it is 白い糸 // white string. Since there is no white hair character in Tsukihime (except this guy, but no way), I took it as:
a) 毛 wrote this to make the song distinguishable from the source he got inspired, he changed character’s hair color. it also made the song be more original instead of a song retelling tsukihime lore.
b) 白い糸 didnt mean white hair, it is something else.
I currently going with opinion b, since while I have almost zero knowledge of Japanese, I have some reasons to feel it quite off when thinking 糸 = hair. But I haven’t found anything that it might mean yet. (I found out 耳から白い糸 , but it would make no sense here).

The first line “髪を切れば変われる気がして // Cut my hair just because I thought that maybe things would change” gave me a girly impression. Guess you would heard something like this before, “girl cut their hair short after break up” or “cut short to change themselves”. It’s also the reason i chose song view point to be girl’s (Arcueid) at first.

From “出会った頃の私の様で // Taking me back to the start…” to the rest of the stanza, basically, the singer seeing the falling things (hair?), and think of the day they (first) met, it make the singer feel uneasy, and didn’t understand why. In the interpretation video of english lyric i mentioned above, they interpreted the singer feel uneasy in the moment and that feeling is the same as the time they first met => it should be 志貴 who are feeling it, which make this stanza view point is 志貴’s instead of Arcueid. For me, it quite makes sense for the english ver (and perhaps original japanese ver), and I know 毛, or Kairo (and many other artists) have a hobby habit to change viewpoint various times in their song, but it is still seem off to suddenly changing the viewpoint like that (if we agree first 2 lines is hard to be 志貴’s viewpoint). So for now, i will just take it as Arcueid didn’t understand something (love). However, since the first stanza (and some other stanzas) is separated in half by 2 line spacing, it could be a hint for changing viewpoint.

Shiki and Arcueid’s “Boy meet Girl” first met (from 7:00)

2. 3a and 3b stanza

呼吸をする様にJust like breathingFor every breath I take every day
血を吐き出す様にJust like coughing up bloodEvery drop of blood, every stain
枝を伸ばす様にJust like spreading out some branchesLike the moon, I will wax and wane
弧を描くDrawing nailsCircle’s complete
嘘を奏でた事The lies you saidFor all the promises that I keep
優しかった事The nice things you did for meAll the nights when I can’t sleep
手を繋いだ事もAnd the times you held my handEvery time that I held your hand
思い出せないI don’t remember any of itLucian far gesund gemund
left hand rigiht hand maybe
ittai or something
the ittai part connnect to above. the wound A took for saving S isnt healed yet
the bone part?
around A is fun
who to blame
sudden stop turn around

– reference to the scene shiki cry 痛い
– Arcueid still not healed yet but didnt say anything, and keep fighting (not saying so)

shiki is the one who cant keep promise (be late)

shiki paid a debt (for killing arc)

Akashic record is taken from tsukihime? (ep 28) this also may be the part draw arc/ circle complete

arcueid about cutting hair

remembering is important, both think it is pointless to remember stuff, shiki is fine, arcueid is confusing + shiki ask A another date after getting rid of roa -> promise (ep 34)

one time shiki do look to the moon

e37 fade memories

A+shiki is the one: not forget about what should forget (ep38)

they promised something after doing stuff, but a left (break promise) ep 41

arcueid kill dead in imprue (face tomorow by kill ing to daY?

exchange shiki line to A line

A like strange thing